⭐️ The new TeamGrid task filter is now also available in the project view
After we introduced the new TeamGrid task filter a few days ago in the task app, it is now also available in the project detail view.
The new TeamGrid task filter makes it possible to find tasks even faster. The filter is very flexible due to the possibility of using several very individual filter criteria. Numerous available operators ensure that even complex filter rules can be applied.
Note: To use the new task filter, you have to activate it in the TeamGrid Labs.
⭐️ The new TeamGrid task filter has arrived at TeamGrid Labs
We are pleased to provide the new TeamGrid task filter in the TeamGrid Labs for testing. The new task filter is a considerable extension compared to the old task filter and now offers the possibility to cover complex filter scenarios. There are now numerous operators available like e.g. contains, does not contain, starts with, ends with. You can also combine several filter logics. The new filter also allows you to access the values of a TeamGrid custom field.
To activate the new filter, go to the TeamGrid settings and activate the experimental function "Task filter" in the labs. Once you have done this, the new filter will appear in the Tasks app in the upper left corner.
We would be very grateful for your feedback.
🐛 Fixed an issue with the order of task cards
Recently it has happened that the order of the task cards was not calculated correctly when moving a task. So you moved a task and it jumped to a different position than the one you chose. With this release we have fixed this bug.
🐛 Fixed notifications for active or inactive time tracking
With the TeamGrid notifications you can be reminded that your TeamGrid Time Tracking (during your working hours) is running or not running. This prevents you from forgetting to start time recording for your valuable work. Unfortunately this function had a bug, so it didn't work last time. This release fixes this bug.
🚀 From now on you can also reach the group inbox via "My Tasks"
A small change that many users want is to reach the group inbox in the My Tasks view. With this release we have introduced this improvement.
🐛 Summed display of the recorded working time
Time Tracking
If you have opened the detailed view of a task from the notification center or TeamGrid Analytics, it sometimes happened that the summed display of the recorded working time was empty. This was just a display error, which was fixed in this release. Many thanks to Andreas K. for this hint.
🐛 TeamGrid Search: Now you can access archived and completed tasks
A bug in the new TeamGrid search caused that completed and archived tasks could not be found. This bug has just been fixed.
🐛 Fix mentioning users with umlauts in comments
There was a bug in mentioning users in the TeamGrid comments. If you tried to link a user with an umlaut in the name, TeamGrid did not find that user. This release fixes the bug.
🚀 More power to our database cluster
Some users had reported that it sometimes takes some time before data-related changes are actually saved in TeamGrid. We noticed that our database cluster was temporarily busy. On Friday, September 20, we therefore extended our database cluster by a further 8 CPUs, thus creating more capacity for peak times.
⭐️ Introducing TeamGrid Enterprise
Some companies need even more security and settings. TeamGrid Enterprise offers many additional services designed specifically for business needs.
TeamGrid Enterprise includes a 99.95% SLA, priority support, audit logs, user account management, full org data export, key account manager support, access to the TeamGrid workflow engine and earlier access to new features.
In addition, there are the following additional options for enterprise customers: dedicated hosting, white labeling, individual function development, workshops and consulting services.
TeamGrid Enterprise starts from 49,- Euro (plus sales tax) per user / month and is available immediately on request.
Further information can be found here.
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